Focus on Teens Raises Money at Eric Nadel’s Birthday Bash

Thanks to everyone who supported our event at The Kessler, a celebration of Eric Nadel’s birthday. Eric has been a tremendous gift to this charity on many levels, and we appreciate everything Eric does for the kids we serve.

When I stood in front of the audience, I promised that we take our funding and it all goes to the kid clients we serve, from kinder to high school + 1 (and even higher grades, if needed). All charities are given a mandate; their mission of service that they know going in. It is a tremendous blessing to be able to work on behalf of those who are in such need (5,000 homeless students in Dallas ISD, as we speak). We take our obligations very seriously.

And, sometimes, like today, we go slightly outside our responsibilities, because we believe that no donor we have would ask us to turn away a teen who … just buried her mother, paid for her funeral, graduated from high school – the school who has no time for her at all, even though she is a distinguished alumna of that institution, — work a job for funds and … is about to be evicted. And she’s 19.

For $325.00, Focus on Teens has given a month’s rent and spending money, so that this young lady, well-liked by all, by the way, can clear her head and make the necessary plans. And we will be there again, if needed. It is rarely a “one and done”

No one: the charity under who’s care she was (if we have a client they are ours, we ask no other charity for support), the school at which she is well known, surviving family … no one will assist her (and her brother).

We make her fill out no paperwork (then wait a month or two for a decision), wait for assistance (we got the “word” yesterday), turn her away and make her sleep where she can or with some stranger to have a roof over her head. That’s a reality, I’m afraid.

We do not beat our drum and operate totally under the radar. We don’t want folks to think that because we aren’t on the news we aren’t making difference. We do not seek the public accolades; we get them all the time from our kids.

We are where others wouldn’t even begin to be. The hole in social services is the place we happily dwell. The more needs we address the happier we are.

It’s very simple: live to your word and the blessings will follow.

Keith Price, President


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6th Annual Eric Nadel Birthday Bash!

Live at the Kessler Theater in Dallas, TX. Visit the Event Page for more info!